My name is Anne Clark and I am the Inclusion Manager at Oldham Council. Within this role, my main objective is to ensure that all children and young people receive the suitable education that they are entitled to, one that meets both their needs and abilities.

I also work as part of the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) and am the Education representative on many safeguarding/preventative boards such as MARAC, Phoenix and Challenger to name a few.

I have worked within the Education Authority at the council for over 17 years and I am extremely passionate about the education and well-being of all children and young people.

I swear by the saying, ‘If it wouldn’t be good enough for mine, it isn’t good enough for others.’

This leads me on to saying that I am the parent of two ‘grown up’ children who have both left the ‘nest’ so now my husband and I have 2 dogs to look after and ‘nurture,’ both of which are schnausers (dogs that look like old men with beards!).

Having watched the New Bridge Group evolve over my career in education, I am very excited to be a Governor at the Springboard Project and look forward to supporting such so that all the pupils have the most successful outcomes.