12 Feb

And there we have it, the end of half term has arrived and what a productive and successful one it has been for our staff and students at the Springboard Project!

Congratulations to all of the students who completed their GCSE mocks, they have done really well and we are proud of the effort that they have put in, especially completing them in this current climate.

In other lessons we have been developing real life skills with time, from reading clocks to converting between hour, seconds and minutes. Then using this to plan our daily routines.

Virtual Maths lessons with engagement pathways students have gone initially well with good engagement 😁

In English the students have been getting their heads down and completed their functional skills reading and writing mocks. It doesn’t stop there, they have also been working hard towards completing their English ASDAN short course certificate.

During PSHE this week, pupils have began to look into the term ‘homelessness’ which links in with the community action unit for their PSD qualification. The aim was for pupils to develop an understanding of homelessness issues, and raise awareness of the related support.

Pupils were engaged with discussions around situations covered by the term ‘homelessness’, identifying reasons why people become homeless and assessing the benefits and challenges of living at home.

Some pupils were able to complete an extension task and create a poster with information as to where the homeless can get some help and support within Oldham.

Next steps for pupils once we are back face to face teaching, will be for them to try and come up with ideas on how we can help the homeless, and provide that support physically.

This week in ICT our students have been carrying on with creating their own movies on their iPads. They’ve picked up a number of skills very quickly and it was excellent to see some of our more technology savvy students assist some of their classmates. Our virtual offer this half term has worked fantastically and has allowed other students who have struggled to access ICT in the past to flourish by allowing them to see the subject through a different approach. I’m sure this will carry on into the next half term and I am excited to see what our students can come up with after the break.

Saddleworth Cookery School
Our talented cooks have been putting their skills to use again in the kitchen at the Saddleworth Cookery School and produced some delicious flap jacks.

Another week of hard work over at ACE for our students as they continue to develop their practical skills, they are doing an amazing job and their work pieces are looking fantastic, we can’t wait to see the end results.

Bringing the week to a close is our DofE group who have taken a trip over to Stalybridge Reservoir, getting in those steps and enjoying the great outdoors.

A few special dates to make note of over the next few days:

  • Friday 12th February celebrates the start of the Chinese New Year, which this year is the year of the Ox
  • Sunday 14th February is Valentine’s Day
  • Tuesday 16th February is Pancake Day so get those frying pans out!

Don’t forget that we are back in college on Tuesday 23rd February as Monday 22nd February is a teacher training day.

Finally I’d like to end this blog with another huge well done to the students, who have persevered during these different times. We are pleased to be sending out certificates along with £5 Amazon vouchers for excellent engagement and work. Keep it up.

That’s all folks, stay safe and have a lovely half term!

Miss Caines and the Nurture Group
Springboard Project

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