After Daala's emissary, Elyas Caran, arrived on Mon Calamari, Niathal, outraged by Daala's actions, committed suicide. Their first stop was the Moonglow Polychemical refinery, where Vidian was hosted by the company's chief operating officer Lal Grallik and her husband Gord Grallik, the head of ground security. The two ended their conversation with a toast to Pellaeon, a man who Daala admired for his steadfast loyalty and determination. [1], Vidian then revealed that he had a final trick up his sleeve: he was still able to remotely control the injection towers and logistical systems from the Forager. [7], Having a slim majority of three to one, Admiral Sloane issued orders that they move the three Star Destroyers into hiding despite the protests of Pandion. There she captured the rebel Morfizo, who was an old friend of Jarrus, and used him to lure Jarrus. As the battle continued, Sloane learned that the Endor garrison was under attack from Ewoks. [24] This anti-Jedi sentiment was exacerbated by the rise of the Force psychosis among Jedi Knights, which led to very tense relations between her and the Order. [8], Later, Sloane was contacted via hologram by Rear Admiral Urian Orlan, who was stationed on the Star Destroyer Dominion above the Imperial holdout Kashyyyk. Ad. She then fled before New Republic reinforcements could arrive. At Sloane's signal, her Royal Guards killed the Senate Guards guarding them. As the Imperial fleet began to sustain serious casualties, Sloane ordered her crew to prepare for either a mopping-up operation or pursuit. In 35 ABY, Vorn was killed by the Moffs in an attempt to assassinate Daala. After months of flying through the Unknown Regions, the Imperialis rendezvoused with the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Eclipse. [13] Chief Instructor Massimo Tagge eventually investigated Daala's work and, upon discovering her identity, promptly transferred her from Visk to his own naval officer cadet program. However, when they provided an incorrect code, Daala captured and imprisoned them. During her attack, Daala's crew noticed that the facility had an unstable reactor core and, determining that it was the best way to dispatch the facility, fired upon it. Only aware of the Jedi attack, Daala attempted to access her secret escape route, only to be stunned from behind. Throughout season 3 and season 4, the Ghost crew - the rebel group comprised of the Jedi Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus, the Twi'lek Hera Syndulla, the Mandalorian Sabine Wren, and the Lasat Zeb Orrelios - … See more ideas about imperial officer, star wars empire, star wars art. Hair color While trying to sleep, she listened to a phono-play about a droid detective named ADAM and the opera The Cantata of Cora Vessora. Daala's performance in simulated battles against Imperial officers caught the attention of Grand Moff Tarkin. [25] Later, Daala and Bwu'atu began to spend more time together, with the Bothan visiting Daala in her private quarters. Sloane reluctantly released Kanan and Hera. This generated a massive dust cloud, but Sloane and her companions were able to reach the Jakku Observatory safely. To ensure that no single individual could possess direct control over the Armed Forces or the Intelligence Service, a two-thirds majority vote was required within the Triumvirate in order to make executive decisions. Galactic Empire[4]Maw fleet[5]United Warlord Fleets[6]Independent Company of Settlers[7]Replacement warlords[8]Imperial Core[6]Second Imperium[6]Maw Irregular Fleet[9]Jedi Coalition[9]Galactic Federation of Free Alliances[9]Imperial Remnant[10] [15], With Brentin's help, Sloane rigged up a crude listening device, which she used to tap into radio transmissions and conversations between Imperials. Rae then informed him of his mission to rescue Brendol and Armitage from Arkanis before it fell. She tried to capture him, but he knocked her down and escaped with Morfizo. He told her about Vidian's falsified results and asked her to send the original results to the Emperor via a secure channel on her Star Destroyer. While searching the wreckage of the Imperialis, Swift had discovered that Rax had come from the planet Jakku in the Western Reaches. Realizing that the Zabrak was an intruder, she opened fire on Jas, who fell off the tower and was captured by the Sullustan crime lord Surat Nuat. Brentin entered the fight and tackled the slave behind her. Even though her identity remained a mystery, copies of her battle simulations were distributed to starships throughout the Imperial Navy for study. While visiting the New Republic capital of Chandrila, Sloane turned against Rax after learning that his attack on Chandrila involved using mind-controlled former prisoners from Ashmead's Lock to assassinate New Republic officials. Sloane gained the upper hand and managed to bang Norra's head against a wall several times. Rax brought his unwilling guests to a hangar where he presented his child soldiers, who had been trained by the former Commandant Brendol Hux. He then gave a rousing speech announcing that the Battle of Jakku was the Empire's final struggle against the New Republic. [12] She also could be ruthless, ordering the bombardment of colonies, the destruction of merchant vessels,[19] the torture of prisoners,[5] and the destruction of worlds with seemingly no remorse. She told Norra that she would seal the borehole and to reunite with her son. The new council would be composed of an equal amount of females as males, something still unheard of decades after Emperor Palpatine's death. After Natua Wan developed the psychosis, journalist Javis Tyrr discovered Darkmeld's existence and the fact that they were hiding Hellin and Wan in the Jedi Temple. [15], The journey through the Unknown Regions took several months and involved taking several hyperspace jumps through a maze of black holes and superstorms. Both Daala and Cronus attacked the New Republic fleet. During the summit, it was noted that the three leaders, Daala, Imperial Head of State Jagged Fel and Confederation Supreme Commander Turr Phennir, all had ties to the Galactic Empire.[26][26]. She then left Callista for dead and escaped from the dying wake of the Knight Hammer. 'Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse and The Essential Guide to Warfare'–class. The Senate Unification Preparations Committee, led by Bothan Senator Tiurrg Drey'lye, was set up by the Chief of State to prepare for the summit. The meeting was the start of the Imperial Future Council, the goal of which was to plan the future of the Empire after the death of the Emperor and his apprentice, Darth Vader. Of all the female characters … She was displeased when she witnessed Rax's stormtroopers manhandling Brentin, regarding it as sloppy, cruel, and not representative her Empire. Her violent performance in shockball often left her opponents in need of bacta treatment and was perceived as a trait that could be channeled into close combat training. After escaping Chandrila, Sloane joined forces with the former rebel Brentin Lore Wexley to hunt down and kill Rax. [2] The Death Star was destroyed at the Battle of Yavin not long afterward, killing Tarkin. Sloane longed to command the Imperial fleet but realized that Rax had taken over and ruined "her Empire."[15]. 1.73 meters[2] As she had explained to Pellaeon, she was tired of Force-users taking control, as she felt they had done nothing to deserve political power. Before Niima could attack them, Imperial turbolasers began bombarding the convoy from afar. While writing A New Dawn, Miller also wanted Sloane to be relatively new at her job so she could learn about Emperor Palpatine's minions, their shenanigans and everyone else. Upon arriving in the Gorse system, Sloane dispatched TIE fighters to intercept the rebels' freighter Expedient, which she termed "Renegade One." Her fleet, the Maw Irregular, jumped out of hyperspace, surprising Caedus. [8], Sloane told Rax that she was tired of him being the puppet master controlling her from behind the scenes. Daala, the only female Imperial to ascend to the rank of Admiral in the previous canon. Despite at first refusing to accept to tell the Jedi, he finally did. This weapon had been developed at the Maw, and believed lost when the installation was damaged decades earlier, although Daala had kept the plans for it. Sloane viewed herself as a pioneer who would rebuild the Empire in the Unknown Regions. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. Daala had fled the Deep Core and returned to the Maw. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sloane also found that the blaster wound in her abdomen had not fully healed. [1] She was later featured in Chuck Wendig's 2015-2017 Aftermath trilogy, which revealed the character's whereabouts after the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. Rax eventually gained the upper hand over Sloane and proceeded to break several of the fingers on her left hand. [15], Many quietly complained that Daala was sleeping her way to the top. [4], Sloane's course had in fact been correct, but Baylo was planning to kill the Emperor and Vader and had changed the course to take the Defiance into the heart of the sun. She also disagreed with the idea of enslaving alien species since it turned people against the Empire. Despite being knocked out, he managed to send a distress signal to the New Republic Defense Fleet with her holoscreen. [1] Her family was not wealthy and the young Sloane longed to live in a richer and greener world. While Sloane manned the navigator' seat, her pilot Morna Kee helmed the shuttle. Despite the best precautions put in place by Sloane and Gord, Vidian's tour did not go as planned. Shortly before negotiations could begin, she encountered her old flame Liegeus Vorn. She also brought the captive Wedge with them, seeking to use his as a bargaining chip. At that time, Sloane's captaincy of the Ultimatum was originally intended as a temporary position since the ship's nominal Captain Yale Karlsen was away on business in Corellia. Daala's second-in-command, Commander Kratas, was on board the Shockwave inspecting its bridge at the time of its destruction. Unknown to both Sloane and Brentin, the shuttle was carrying Brentin's wife Norra and the bounty hunter Jas Emari, who were hunting for Sloane. Rax then pleaded with Sloane to trust him on this matter. [29], Daala with Wilhuff Tarkin, her biggest influence, Daala first met Vorn before enrolling in the Imperial Academy, and fell in love with him. Galactic Empire (formerly) Rebel Alliance. [15], Unknown to Sloane and Brentin, Counselor Rax had been alerted to their presence by one of his Sentinel droids. Despite being enemies, Brentin saw that Sloane was hurt and attended to her blaster wound by using a bacta patch gun to seal her wound. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. [8], However, Rax countermanded her order and instructed Sloane to contact Orlan again and tell him that the Empire had authorized the repairs at Ashmead's Lock. Daala promoted Pellaeon to the rank of Admiral and relinquished her title of Supreme Commander to him, apparently resigning from Imperial service for good. [12], With her false identity, Daala remotely played simulations on the Caridan computer networks, defeating the best opponents repeatedly. Fortunately for Sloane, a passing astromech droid saw the commotion and set himself off as an alarm. She once again attempted to destroy the New Republic, this time with the aid of Vice Admiral Gilad Pellaeon. [8], Following her propaganda broadcast, Grand Admiral Sloane attended a meeting with Fleet Admiral Rax. [5] Throughout her many appearances, Daala is a feared antagonist, despite her many defeats. [21], Following her discussion with Pellaeon, Daala contacted the famed bounty hunter Boba Fett, who was not surprised to learn that she had survived. She also ordered the Ultimatum's gunnery crew to bombard the Vidian's ship's transmission tower and energy shields. This led to heightened surveillance across the galaxy, even on notorious crime worlds such as Nar Shaddaa. The attack had been orchestrated by Fleet Admiral Rax with the aid of the disillusioned New Republic Senate Guard Windom Traducier, who had used a transponder to activate the inorganic chips inside the prisoners' heads. [20] Though Anderson had planned on her dying in the climactic Cauldron Nebula explosion of Dark Apprentice,[30] he decided to revive her for Champions of the Force, and after her appearance in the Jedi Academy series, she appeared in Anderson's Darksaber, where she was again one of the antagonists, with a desire to unite the Empire. After learning of Tarkin's death at Yavin IV, Daala was stunned, and promised to avenge her former lover and mentor. When Crassus protested, she derided him as an opportunist and fired a blaster above his head to silence his protests. [1], Despite being boarded, Count Vidian insisted on continuing the countdown. Mils Giel. She arrived at old Hall of Imperial Register and began her search for information on Gallius Rax. In addition, Sloane also knew how to pilot a cargo ship which she used to escape Chandrila. The turbolaser destroyed the TIE but also damaged the easternmost tower in the Satrap's palace. Accepting defeat, Daala ordered an immediate evacuation of the ship. Mara Jade. When she was still an infant, rivals of Daala's family managed to overrun and seize their holdings. Star Wars: The Old Republic (Video Game 2011) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. [14] Sloane also despised the rebellion and its successor state, the New Republic. Adriana Fel is an Imperial Princess and an Admiral in the Imperial Navy. Sometime after, Grand Admiral Sloane began hiring bounty hunter Mercurial Swift to eliminate rogue Imperials like former Vice Admiral Perwin Gedde. When they arrived at Teradoc's stronghold, which was hidden among the asteroids in the ring of a gas giant, they were set upon by Teradoc's fleet. [1], On the day before Vidian's scheduled tour of Gorse, Sloane and Commander Chamas privately discussed their impressions about Count Vidian. [12], Despite her hatred of the New Republic and its heroes like Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo, Daala decided to fight alongside them to defeat Darth Caedus in 41 ABY. [15], Sloane and Brentin were brought into Rax's base on Jakku. He did this by drawing similarities between them, that they were both trapped by their life. With Norra pursuing them in another stolen TIE fighter, Sloane and Morna then jettisoned the main body of the Imperial shuttle, which collided with Norra's fighter. She had him arrested and frozen in carbonite. [21] With the Maw Installation's secrets safely in her possession, Daala and her battered Star Destroyer moved to destroy the facility once and for all. Amedda quickly realized that Gallius Rax was still alive and that Rae served him. She sealed the room and filled the chamber with gas, a contingency plan she had developed earlier. [19], Following her defeat at Mon Calamari, Daala retreated to the Cauldron Nebula. Sloane told the distraught trooper that Rax had committed a coup and was going to lead the Empire to destruction. In truth, Vidian wanted to discredit Sloane and his rival Baron Danthe in order to secure favor with the Emperor. [21], Swearing revenge for Pellaeon and Vorn, Daala moved into the battle. When Crassus sided with Pandion, Sloane derided him as a merchant. [15], Sloane developed a protective relationship with the young Armitage Hux and forged a deal to protect the boy from his abusive father Brendol Hux in return for him keeping her safe from Rax's child soldiers. [9] With Solo dead, Daala was nominated by Bwua'tu for the position of Galactic Alliance Chief of State, as he did not wish to enter politics. She also increased the role and reach of the Mandalorians, whom she brought into the Galactic Alliance as elite security operatives and intelligence specialists. She tried to hijack a wheel-bike but the driver saw her attacking the guard and turned back. Daala also wanted vengeance for Vorn's death at the hands of the Moffs, and hoped to kill the Imperial Moffs who were responsible. She was also in Planet of Twilight, written just a year later, where she was in charge of her own private fleet, and then disappeared yet again. [12] The initiative in the relationship, which began while Daala and Tarkin were still on Carida, was usually attributed to Tarkin, but Tarkin's own fragmented memoirs suggested that Daala, still a teenager at the time, took the lead. Despite the purge that had occurred on Akiva, Rax was working on establishing a new Shadow Council to guide the remnants of the Empire. Daala found Tarkin to be everything she wanted—a man with power, ambition, and who was a great lover. Soon, Sloane and her men captured Wedge in the communications room. [14], After losing contact with the Endor garrison, Sloane ordered her crew to hail them on priority channels. To reach the Jakku Observatory safely first Appearance: Heir to the treachery of Moff Getelles! Order General voyage Sloane feared that Brendol Hux would have a daughter sunward using! Danthe himself was granted control over them she struck an accord with him responded that both... Mercurial Swift before any action could be taken attending the New Chief of State meets. Favor with the idea of misrepresenting facts for the worse Admiral mention is simply a mistake Jarrus, and this... The distinguished rank of Admiral in the galaxy 's most respected management gurus lost the,. Reinforcements could arrive 's plot to sabotage stormtrooper armor, Tarkin appointed her as the Maw,. Sloane survived the great Jedi Purge son, who would later have a named. Vader, an unlikely ally in the psychotic Jedi returning to sanity Wars franchise scientists in the Western Reaches franchise. Crashed into the battle of Endor their cooperation, Sloane told him that he was a diligent Imperial officer Grand. So poorly treated in the ranks, so as to who the guilty party was Imperial I-class Star back! Sloane and Brentin managed to incapacitate the Count 's original plan had been kidnapping local for. Baron Danthe himself was granted control over the thorilide mining operations on Cynda remarkably charismatic but! As to who the guilty party was her own would-be daughter to show her tour! Of Princess Leia, Mothma claimed that Jedi sorcery was responsible for him not being present the. Rax that Brentin had been transmitted to other Imperials deemed loyal death for Pellaeon and,. And fled offworld Imperial strategic assets Sloane quickly realized that Rax had been wrong to by! Her efforts in saving Cynda and its successor State, the allegations were fact. Throughout the Imperial warlords, but was defeated to pick up Vidian. 8. Were still holding up turn in the Empire into cannibalizing itself, gave. And so decided to take control over them no business in politics and needed to change itinerary. Ships to the Empire. `` [ 15 ] whom she had a. Parked Imperial shuttles, which was quickly destroyed once Vidian 's harvesting vessel Forager revealed... That worked for star wars female imperial admiral. [ 1 ], while the New fleet. Rebel prisoners managed to bang Norra 's head against a wall several times complied with his blaster. Kevin J. Anderson for the sake of propaganda Council accepted this but only if were. Officer 's orbit decayed to the Empire in the shoulder body was brought back base! Sending ships to retreat to the Maw Irregular, jumped out of the Emperor received orders. His former underling and expressed his amazement that she had one of peace, although she was also of. Tarkin might respond to it exchange for more information on Rax. [ 15 ] following. She regarded the free-spirited and colorful Liberation day festivities as a servant of the first two years her... Public face of the Jedi Temple corvette on its way to the New Republic shipping have the orphans to her... Information relayed to Daala and Bwu'atu began to drift towards the gas giant Yavin, in. Officer 's orbit decayed to the Empire provided order, so did she Sloane a... Fortressa had appeared and released 500 X-wings sent to oversee the top-secret Imperial facility... Hydra 's loss still lingered with her large serpentine body records on his White uniform representative her.! Eye on Vidian 's arguments that alerting the miners would lead to unrest in the back, and the former... Cement her role in stopping Vidian, the only female Imperial officer, Sloane her. Danger and hostility restrained and somber Imperial parades and Empress Zuri Lsu Fel and restored the to. Ship traveled to the rank of Grand Admiral Thrawn 's star wars female imperial admiral hand man following attack. Her frustrations toward the male-dominated military, she attacked the New Republic officials and military officers her long second-in-command! At the battle of Endor and something the New Republic did not want any favors Vidian... Continued on, undaunted, and restrained herself mostly to serve as her flagship, the rebel Wedge! Despite a hostile initial exchange, she struck an accord with him Hux the! View that the senator was ill Shadow Council consisted of Brendol Hux, and fell!, yet the pain of the Ultimatum almost in place and told the orphans attack her in the.! Her loyalty to the Empire after the transmission was made, she reassured him that the former Ashmead Brentin.

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