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This blog comes slightly later than usual and that’s because we have had a really hectic month. It is hard to believe we are halfway through the school year and so much has happened. When we broke up on Friday, I spoke to the staff and reminded them what a brilliant job they are doing at Springboard. We also spoke about some of the changes that are ahead…but more about this later in the blog.

February started with a birthday – a big birthday as our Chloe reached 18!!! As per Springboard ‘style’ we had a little party and celebrated with the birthday girl. Chloe has been part of the Spring Brook/Springboard days since Heron Street. Her journey has been amazing and we are so proud of the young person who we see day in day out. Happy Birthday our Chloe !!

We attended the City in the Community event at the Etihad which our students really enjoy. Thanks to Paul Kelly and the team for hosting such a brilliant tournament.

Springboard Project also hosted the training for ‘Smart Schools Council’. Smart Schools is a way of the students’ ‘voice’ being heard and topics of conversation being discussed to make change happen. Thanks to Greg and the team for travelling from London. We are looking forward to developing this initiative in the up and coming term.

The last week of term was ‘Safeguarding Week’. Alongside our other Heads of School, we attended a seminar around having difficult conversations. This was hosted by Liz O’Shaughnessy and the training and development team @EveryoneLearning. Kerry Dawson talked to us around how we tackle some difficult topics to ensure that all our young people and families are safe and are kept informed of all the events around our young people.

Our week ended by us hosting Joe Curren from OMBC who talked about knife crime within Oldham and Greater Manchester. At Springboard Project we have a ‘zero tolerance’ to knives and weapons. Joe showed us some data around young people carrying a weapon or a knife and unfortunately the consequences of these actions – including trauma and loss of life. Whilst the session was informative, it really hit home to all staff that the MOST important thing is to keep our young people safe. Thank you to Joe and again to Liz and her team who co-ordinated the week.

Finally, when we return there will be a few changes to the timetable and staff delivering it. Mrs Burrows will be moving into an English role, Mr Bright will be working on our technology (now it’s all arrived) alongside Mr Garbutt and Mr Lenge (who is developing some parts of our interactive equipment). Mrs Roberts will be delivering PSHCE and will be supported by our brilliant Teaching Assistants. I think that’s about it!

We also need to welcome Brandon and Zohaib to our school family.

So that’s it for me. A week off dog walking and swimming.

A quick reminder to all families that Monday 24th February is a staff training day so all our young people will be back to the Project on Tuesday 25th – bright and breezy and ready to tackle the term ahead.

Have a great week,

Mrs Tootill
Head of Springboard Project

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