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I cannot believe this is my last blog of the academic year! Twelve months ago, we were thinking about the opening of the building, the induction of the new staff and welcoming all our Springboard Project students to our new location.

I can safely say that in my 25 years of teaching I have never experienced a year like this. That’s not all doom and gloom; as the head of Springboard, I’m in a privileged position with the opportunities that have come my way – opening a free school and working with a brilliant set of students and staff that have gone over and beyond what they needed to do to keep everyone safe and happy. Amazing, just amazing.

So, I thought I would share some of the top 12 moments of the Project’s year in celebration of the year gone and in anticipation and excitement of the year that is coming..

July 2019
When we left for the summer – the Project was near completion by Conlon’s

August 2019
When I returned from my holidays – it was complete!

September 2019
Saw the welcome of our new students to the new build and new staff

October 2019
Our young people began to settle down into the demands of the timetable and began to access different pathways and placements

November 2019
The Springboard Project was officially opened by Paul Scholes and Andrew Sutherland . It’s safe to say this was the highlight of the year.

December 2019
Christmas dinner and Mr P wearing a funny hat ……

January 2020
Students accessed work placements. We had some new arrivals (Zohaib and Brandon) and new staff. We attended the British Education Awards..

February 2020
Training day included a seminar by Barry Carpenter who has since written work on the Recovery Curriculum

Chloe was 18 !

March 2020
Our painful decision to shut

April 2020
But the work continued, and we found a new way to work through Showbie

June 2020
The Achievements just kept coming and coming. Our staff kept up to date with their training through @Everyone Learning and Mrs O’Shaughnessy’s team

July 2020
And still the achievements come as students are recognised for the work they have completed and received a nice ‘well done’ in the post..

And so here we are. Our last day.

I have written to all families (both new and old) around arrangements for September. Can all families and carers please check their emails around any correspondence from the Trust, which may be subject to change.

So, going back to the highs. In February I went on a course to sunny Cheshire. There was one quote that really stuck with me..

“Leadership is about sharing your vision.

And whilst it’s important to ‘steer your ship ‘ as you see fit, if you turn around and there is no one behind you, then your vision will never come to fruition.”

 And that vision, of making THE best possible outcomes for our young people, is driven by our brilliant team of staff. Covid 19 has taught us all very different things:

  • To be safe
  • To think of others
  • To live in a different world

Our staff have done an awesome job this year and I thank every single one of you and your families for the support you have given in this past year. Mr Pidlyskyj will be working this year within the Project and will continue to work on new initiatives and curriculum opportunities for Springboard.

We also want to thank our Trust staff who continue to be behind us, helping, supporting and always at the end of the phone or email. Thank you.

The new year is going to be exciting. We have been working with key partners at MAHDLO to look at new curriculum areas in art, music and sport. We are looking to develop our kitchen area (when the government deem it to be safe), as well as developing our offsite and engagement offer.

A ‘big thank you’ needs to go to our families and carers who have also been behind us in this journey. We will continue to be the best we can for ALL our Springboard Project students.

We hope you all have fabulous summer break and stay safe until we see you all again in September.

Be safe, be kind.

Mrs Tootill and the Springboard team

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