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What a fantastic week we have had in English! We have worked on autobiographies (linked to our class reader ‘Trash’ by Andy Mulligan) and have learned so much about each other. It has been lovely to listen to each other’s stories and memories and also to call each other out on the bits we have embellished!

We definitely have some budding writers in Springboard and we will be encouraging them to refine their skills and to publish their work! Increased confidence in English is spreading throughout Springboard and it has been so good to see our students reading books and magazines, sharing their own books of poems they have written and participating in debates and tacking serious issues with maturity and open mindedness.

These are the foundations of what we are building in our English department and it is wonderful to be a part of! We are studying the English Asdan Short Course and Functional Skills and have plans to visit the theatre to see  Macbeth!

By widening out our offer and by engaging our students in as many types of literature as possible, we can expand their horizons and inspire them to follow a lifelong learning path.

We are fortunate to have a fully qualified and experienced teacher supporting the English lessons. This will make a huge difference. We have also invested heavily in Reading Plus (an online reading support program) which our students will be able to access from home. Embracing a culture that is literature rich is our commitment here at Springboard.



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