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PSHE has made a flying start to the academic year covering quite a sensitive topic ‘healthy and unhealthy relationships’.

Before we began this, we wanted to hear from the pupils and allow them to voice their feelings around PSHE. Pupils completed a questionnaire around their personal view on PSHE which was their chance to let us know what they feel is important to them, and what topics they feel would benefit them the most.

We started by looking at understanding what a healthy and unhealthy relationship might look like, and signs to look for when a relationship may begin to shows signs of becoming unhealthy. We have had many debates surrounding scenarios, showing a diverse range of views and opinions. However, the respectfulness shown to one another has amazed us, it’s been interesting to watch and listen.

Peer on peer abuse is something that we take seriously at Springboard Project, therefore getting pupils to understand what this is, what types of abuse there are and sources of support available is a key priority. Pupils were able to understand and acknowledge what this term means, and produced posters for us to display around our school building. As you can see below, we’ve displayed some of these brilliant pieces of work in our PSHE classroom.

Pupils also watched various documentaries surrounding real-life peer on peer abuse cases, which were hard hitting for some pupils to watch, and worked as a great base for discussion.

In the coming weeks, pupils will be making head way on their PSHE short course, completing tasks to evidence for their portfolio in preparation for certification at the end of the academic year. Some pupils have already made a start on this with the key aim to be able to recognise how to manage emotions in different relationships. Pupils had to investigate this and then create a guide with two different approaches available to help.

Towards the end of the term the subject will cover more sensitive aspects of the topic, including the disrespect nobody campaign, consent and abuse. With the start our pupils have had within PSHE I’m positive this will continue with many more interesting and respectful discussions, allowing pupils to learn how to stay safe within relationships.


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