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We have some students that have demonstrated excellent ICT skills over the last 6 weeks. Students have been engaged in their ICT lessons and we look forward to using more technology in the ICT department.

Office 365

Students have increased their knowledge of the office 365 apps over the last few weeks in their ICT lessons. This will help them when completing and sharing work with their teachers.

Here are some examples of the apps they have used:

One Drive/PowerPoint and Word documents.

Students have created an organised folder structure in their One Drive accounts and they have shared their folders they have created with their subject teachers so that they can access the work that they have completed and saved.

Students have also learnt to create online documents such as PowerPoint or Word and save them with a suitable file name in their ICT folder.


Students have learnt how to access their outlook email accounts online where they have been able to send and receive respectful emails. Students have also been able to open emails sent to complete attached documents sent.


Students have accessed links where they have been completing online quizzes using the Forms app. These form quizzes have been marked online and the results have been given back automatically to the students with their results.


Students have taken part in E-Safety lessons to refresh their understanding of keeping safe whilst being online. They have been involved in class discussions, watched videos and also completed work tasks on several topics. Some of the topics covered were: Cyberbullying, Digital resilience, online body image, online pornography, online relationships, and peer pressure.

Mobile IT devices coursework

Students have started completing work for their WJEC qualification where they have started to complete some of the tasks for learning objectives 1 and 2. They have researched different apps that can be added to their iPads and they have also recognised the different categories they fall into. 

Students have used the internet to search for Health and Safety issues relating to the use of a digital device and created a poster. They have also read through the acceptable user policy and taken images of the policy to upload to their Eportfolio for their coursework and commented on specific areas they agree or disagree on and explain why. 

* Here are some pictures of students completing tasks on their E portfolios *


Students have used ICT to complete Module 10 – The wider world, they have produced an in-depth study of another country in relation to culture or food and drink. Students have then created a display as evidence of the study. We are looking forward to tasting some of the foods in next weeks Asdan lesson as students present and discuss the projects they have chosen.

* Here are some pictures of students completing tasks on module 10.*


ICT Student of the week

This week Amaan Ahmed has worked very hard on all the work he has completed in his ICT and Asdan lessons, Well done Amaan!

Amman has received a certificate of excellence and also a £5 Amazon voucher.

*Here is a picture of student of the week.*

Who will it be next week?


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