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We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

This is part two, two two.


So, week number two of the amazing zoo project.

To start off the morning the students got the chance to hand feed the wallabies and kangaroos.

With a new baby joey who was only 12 months old, the students did an amazing job of feeding. Feedback from the zoo keepers was that the joey was nervous around humans so she was extremely impressed with the interaction they managed to make with him. 

After feeding the students then cleaned out the sanctuary from the wallabies and kangaroos, making it look brand new!

Then they moved on to cleaning the windows of the primates and sea lions. The apes did a good job checking up on the students to make sure they were cleaning their windows correctly. 

After lunch the students then got the opportunity to go and feed the farm animals, spending one to one quality time with them. We discovered that one of the foals (baby donkey) had been hand reared from birth by the staff of the zoo, and that explained why it was so keen to get plenty of cuddles from the students, especially one student who we now call the donkey whisperer! 



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