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Week Number 3 at the Zoo…

Week number 3 and we are onto tortoises, monkeys and apes!

We got to clean out the tortoise enclosure at the same time as feeding them and handling them.

We can honestly say we don’t think we have ever seen a tortoise as big as this fella at the zoo, wow!


We then got to sit and make some fruit kebabs for the lemurs, then we went into their enclosure and had the amazing experience of hand feeding these super cute monkeys.

We then moved on to hand feeding the apes some snacks of twigs, WOW!!! Definitely think the sliver back was eyeing some of us up for a snack…

Is it a family of apes or the Spring Board students in the picture?! 

Finally to finish off the day we got the chance to make some puzzles for the spider monkeys and throw them over into their enclosure and watch them interact with what we had made them.



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