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Our 4th week at the Zoo…


To start off the day the students got to go in the elephant enclosure and do some heavy lifting, cleaning out the muck they left behind over night!

A couple of the students had spotted green glitter in one pile of muck which was interesting.

When questioned, the elephant keepers explained to us that they will feed certain elephants green glitter so they can do tests on them.

A lot of these tests are done through inspecting their muck, which was interesting information!

After this, we got to go above in the 360 degree view gallery to  throw out veg to the elephants and watch them eat it.

In the afternoon we got up close and personal with some smaller creatures…

We learnt a lot of interesting facts about the stick insect, giant African snail and what is classed as one of the world’s most important creatures, the Madagascar cockroach.

Not everyone felt brave enough to hold that guy though!

Then to finish off the day the students got the amazing experience of hand feeding an Aardvark.

I definitely think we were all taken back about how different these animals look and decided they were a mix of a kangaroo, pig and cat, but such a lovely calm animal.


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