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Week 5 at the Zoo

Week 5 of the Blackpool zoo animal care course and wow, what weather we had for it!

So, to start off the morning we cleaned out the camel enclosure and then hand fed them. They really are interesting animals to learn about.

Then we got to go in the capybara enclosure and had feed these animals too. If people aren’t sure what capybaras are, they are basically a huge guinea pig and can we just say Miss Ainsworth was absolutely in her element having the chance to feed these little guys!

Then to finish the day off, we got to go in with the Zebras, cleaned them out and then fed them as well.

Throughout the day we learnt quite a lot of interesting facts about all of these animals.

For instance, did you know that it’s actually fat that camels carry in their humps and not water?!

Or did you know, a Zebra’s stripes are unique just like out fingerprints?!

A great day, yet again!


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