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The Bedroom to Cell Room Initiative

Upturn Enterprise have been working closely with Steve from UCAN Northwest to promote the Bedroom to Cell Room initiative.

UCAN are crime and anti-social behaviour specialists, supporting parents and carers of teenagers at risk of involvement drifting into crime and anti-social behaviour at home, at school and in the wider community.

Staff include former Greater Manchester Police Sergeant, Steve Kenny, and Detective Constable, Karen Archibald, each with over 25 years of policing experience.

Upturn contacted schools in the Oldham and Rochdale Borough to offer them the opportunity of taking part in the Bedroom to Cell Room team building event, we set up and attended the initial meetings with both Steve and the schools involved, to discuss the sessions in more detail.

Bedroom to Cell Room is a fully immersive interactive experience of crime and forensic ‘whodunnit’ themes. The workshops are designed to educate young people, and especially teenagers, how positive life choices can help them to avoid criminalisation and stay safe in the community.

The events are family/young person specific with learning outcomes built in to educate parents, carers, professionals, and young people about criminality.

The sessions are fun, creative, and innovative using delivery techniques that are exciting and designed to capture the interest of parents, carers, professionals, and young people.

Steve worked with The Springboard Project to do a Bedroom to Cell Room team building session, The students who took part, engaged well and all contributed well, they were involved in discussions regarding the law, criminal activity, ways to keep safe before completing the ‘whodunnit’ workshop, working together to gather evidence, look for clues and solve the crime. The students worked together as a team, and as well as looking at potential offences the teenagers may have committed, they worked together to find alternative ways they could deal with the different situations they may be confronted with in life.

The overall aim is to improve not only their lives, but that of their families and the local community as well.

Upturn Enterprise is committed to building a community of stakeholders, employers & employer representatives who are passionate about recovery & creating pathways for our young local talent to develop.

In times of continued challenge, we want to work with those who want to embrace new pathways to work and play their part in addressing the challenges and barriers that our young people face in getting closer to work.

We are delighted to support our communities as collectively we strive to support more young people into the job market and contribute to economic recovery.

Interested in becoming a partner or want to help contribute towards to cause please feel free to get in touch.

Together we can make a difference.





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