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Statutory Information

This page contains the links to all the different areas on our website where the information that the Department for Education requires us to publish can be found.

Paper copies can be provided free of charge on request by contacting the school office on 0161 883 3250.

  1. Admissions arrangements
  2. Ofsted reports

The Springboard Project is a new school opening in September 2019. Future Ofsted reports will be published on this page.

Parents can complete a survey to pass their views to Ofsted at any time, not just during an inspection. Please click the link below to Ofsted’s secure Parent View site to either register or log in and complete the questionnaire:

  1. Key Stage 4 results and Performance tables

Springboard Project is a new school which will open in September 2019.

Detailed information on our Key Stage 4 results will be available on the Government’s school and college performance tables next year and we will also publish our Year 11 pupils’ results on this page, together with their intended destinations on leaving the school.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

  1. Curriculum

All pupils and students will access a personalised and bespoke curriculum offer. Our curriculum principles encompass:

  • a high quality, cutting edge alternative curriculum which will have dynamic, flexible programmes of study that focus around key skills adapted to students’ needs and levels. This includes working with key curriculum advisors and leads within the trust to ensure that students have a range of courses that are appropriate and challenging. This will also include links to mainstream provisions or feeder schools and colleges if appropriate.
  • Functional Skills up to GCSE and GCSE equivalent qualifications in English, Numeracy, Computing, Multimedia and PE. In addition to these qualifications, Springboard Project will begin to build students’ portfolios using individual skills and talents through recognised accreditation providers such as Open Awards and Edexcel to ensure young people have a portfolio (with currency) ready for their next steps into employment, volunteering and playing their part in the community.
  • the opportunity to access high quality ‘community ‘qualifications; Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, Prince’s Trust, Emergency First Aid and Heart Start to enrich and enhance students’ skills in the wider community.
  • established links to real life through the world of work using our unique employability strands of ‘pre–internship’, ‘Bridging the Gap’ and other meaningful experiences in the workplace.
  • small group teaching.
  • individualised pathways based on early recognition of ability through an assessment framework. Pupils and students will also have access to other pathways available within the Multi Academy Trust (MAT) ensuring all students have defined routes with personalised interventions.
  • high expectations of individuals linked to aspirational adult outcomes for all our pupils and students.
  • an ethos of self-respect, self-worth and independence through a high quality staff team and complete ‘student focused’ curriculum and non–curricular activities such as residentials, trips, enrichment activities and community work.
  • an inclusive environment for pupils and students with EHCPs.
  • academy freedoms to ensure flexibility of provision.
  • provision of support services to the families of our pupils and students and to other schools.

We aim to offer a high quality, inspirational education that empowers pupils and students, and has clearly defined destinations and goals around ‘key’ aspects:

  • educational attainment
  • vocational skills
  • employability
  • learning for independent life

To ensure the Springboard Project is financially healthy, we will ensure the Director of Finance for the MAT liaises with the Head of Site to ensure there is capacity for:

  • growth in student numbers
  • capacity of staff – we will share staff (and curriculum leads) from other parts of the MAT where necessary. Through the teaching school, we will also offer training and development for all our staff to ensure they have the knowledge to deliver an outstanding curriculum that meets and challenges the needs of our learners
  • movement of students to specialised pathways and pre-employability pathways
  • resourcing the latest technology to enhance and motivate our learners
  • any changes to the building required to meet the needs of our learners

Business, premises and HR teams across the MAT will fully support the Springboard Project through its growth and development, providing experience and guidance where required.

The Springboard Project provides education for pupils in key stages 4 and 5. We will provide a weekly timetable of almost 25 hours per week, broken down into 30 teaching periods. Our diverse offer will be:

Enterprise and Employability
Enterprise and Employability will be a 1 year rolling project whereby learners will learn and develop their subject knowledge based on the year’s chosen topic. Students will develop their knowledge about how to set up, run and make money from a business.

Citizenship (including principles of Commando Joe’s)
Students will study an array of Citizenship topics taught using a variety of methods including using principles of Commando Joe’s who we are working in partnership with to devise a bespoke Key Stage 4 offer.

Physical Education
The Entry Level Certificate in Physical Education is 100% internally assessed, with the focus of the course being on the performer and on performance. Learners will access a wide range of activities both on-site and off-site. This practical and engaging course ensures an inclusive specification that will allow all students to achieve their potential.

Prince’s Trust
Students will follow the Prince’s Trust Achieve programme. This builds and develops students’ personal and social development through life skills, active citizenship and by preparation for work. The Prince’s Trust also offers us a range of off-site activities and courses to help us re-engage the most disengaged into education.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
Students will follow the award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections – Volunteering, Physical, Skills, and Expedition. For Gold, a fifth section will be covered – Residential.

Vocational (Horticulture, Food Industry, Digital and Fitness)
Students will be offered a vocation that interests them. Pathways in Horticulture, Food Industry, Digital and Fitness will run and students will follow a scheme of work to gain accreditation.

Literacy and numeracy provision – including provision for literacy recovery
Students follow the Edexcel Functional Skills and Entry Level Functional skills accreditation. Literacy recovery is approached through the following provisions: Rapid Plus, reciprocal reading, Literacy Planet and Spellzone. We have access to one-to-one provision through the Trust which uses the Hickey Multi-sensory Approach.

Students will be entered for the AQA 5930 Entry Level Certificate and Edexcel Functional Skills. White Rose mastery schemes of learning will be implemented across all key stages, these schemes will allow students to focus more on number as this has a higher proportion in the accreditation that we offer our students. The schemes focus on giving the students mathematical life skills for when they leave school. We also use a range of interactive software to engage the students, including Hegarty Maths, Maths Workout and TT Rockstars.

Enrichment Programme
The Springboard Project enrichment programme will be personalised and will be delivered by all staff. It will take the form of:
~ interventions
~ before and after-school club
~ holiday clubs
~ residential experiences at Year 11 and Year 13
~ regular outdoor educational visits and experiences
~ visits to the workplace and working environments

ICT to improve learning
Students will engage in a variety of computing topics using Microsoft and Apple products. Springboard Project will use state-of-the-art equipment and resources to engage them in the subject. Students will work towards the WJEC ICT Entry Pathways accreditation. The WJEC accreditation allows students to gain a more practically based ICT education. In addition, other technological learning resources will include:
~ 1:1 iPad scheme to support engagement
~ simulator with software such as fork lift truck training as a motivation to learn
~ Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology
~ Green screen/animation etc.

  1. Behaviour Policy and Anti Bullying Strategy
  2. Pupil Premium Policy

Please click the links below for details of how The Springboard Project uses its Pupil Premium allocation to improve the attainment of our disadvantaged pupils:

  1. Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
  2. Careers programme

Daniel Wood, the Careers Leader across the New Bridge Group, leads our careers programme. You can contact Daniel by email to dwood@newbridgegroup.org or on telephone number 0161 883 2403 for further details regarding the careers guidance available to your child.

Our Careers Policy is available to view here and sets out in detail the support we provide to our young people and how we measure and assess the impact of the careers programme. The current policy was approved by the Trustees in December 2017 and is currently being reviewed to ensure our careers programme meets the needs of our young people.

Our Gatsby Planned Activities Overview for 2019/2020 is available to view here.

Paper copies of our Careers Policy can be supplied to families free of charge on request and Daniel is always happy to discuss any aspect of the programme and how best we can support your child – please feel free to contact him for more information or speak to your child’s pastoral lead.

Provider Access Statement

We ensure a range of opportunities for our pupils to access a wide variety of events. These are integrated into our careers programme and curriculum and are delivered internally with input from external providers where appropriate who are invited to key relevant events.

External providers interested in coming into school should contact Daniel Wood via email to dwood@newbridgegroup.org to discuss the nature of the visit and identify the most suitable opportunity. Once a visit has been agreed, we will provide an appropriate room to facilitate the visit, along with any equipment requested by the provider where it is available. Providers are welcome to leave a copy of their prospectus or other relevant course literature for display at our school which pupils will be able to access at breaks and lunchtimes.

Further details are available in our Provider Access Policy here

  1. Equality Impact Scheme and Equality Objectives
  2. Complaints Policy and Whistleblowing Policy
  3. Annual Reports and Accounts

This school provides value for money information through the audited financial statements the New Bridge Multi Academy Trust provides. These can be found on the Companies House website and are also published on our website here.


Full details of the Trustees and Members of the New Bridge Multi Academy Trust are available here.


Funding Agreement – this links to the latest Workforce and Finance information on the government website where the funding agreement is available to download/view.

  1. Governors’ and Trustees’ information and duties

The members of the local governing body of our school are listed below:

Please click on the highlighted names to find out more about our governors:

  • Margaret Ramsbottom is the Interim Chair of Governors
  • Alison Kippax is a Parent Governor
  • Anne Clark is a Co-opted Governor and our Safeguarding Governor
  • Gemma Slater is a Parent Governor
  • John Daly is a Staff Governor
  • Tracy Barlow is a Co-opted Governor
  • Alison Tootill is a Staff Governor and Head of Site

The attendance of all our governors at this year’s full governing body meetings will be shown on this page after the meetings have taken place.

Full details of the New Bridge Multi Academy Trust’s governance structure are available here and explain how our robust system of accountability works.

The 2018 Trustees Annual Report and audited accounts for the New Bridge Multi Academy Trust are available here on the Companies House website.

  1. Charging and Remissions Policy
  2. Values and ethos

Our vision for the Springboard Project is to create an aspirational and sustainable continuum of provision for pupils and students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs across Oldham, collaborating with existing mainstream schools, colleges, voluntary organisations, community partners and employers, local business and industry.

The specific brief of The Springboard Project is to provide high quality innovative alternative educational experiences for pupils and students with SEMH needs across the 14-19 age range.

Our aim is to ensure that learners at Key Stage 4 onwards, presently disengaged from local mainstream and resourced schools, will continue with their learning journey through a vibrant alternative offer. The provision will be linked to clear and aspirational adult outcomes, offering a continuing relationship with families until the young person reaches the age of 25.

The Springboard Project will work in partnership with pupils and students and their families to ensure a collaborative and consistent approach to their personal and social development and learning. We will offer a wide range of support services and training programmes which will include personalised support with communication and behaviour management strategies.

Our vision for The Springboard Project is driven by a moral imperative to inspire and support pupils and students with SEMH in achieving the most successful outcomes of which they are capable. It will encompass in detail:

  • a high quality, cutting edge alternative curriculum, presently unavailable
  • provision of support services to the families of its pupils and students and to other schools
  • high expectations of individuals linked to aspirational adult outcomes for all its pupils and students
  • an inclusive environment for pupils and students with and without statements/EHCPs
  • academy freedoms to ensure flexibility of provision

Young people attending the Springboard Project will experience a personalised approach to their learning. They will be taught by fully qualified specialist teachers, industry experts and support staff sensitive to their needs, providing a nurturing and stimulating environment.

The Springboard Project will provide 14-19 education based upon key elements of the national curriculum. Additionally, a focus on vocational pathways will ensure pupils and students engage with more appropriate learning activities. The small scale of the Springboard Project will ensure a familiarity between staff, pupils and students and their families.

The organisation of the provision will ensure personalised timetabling arrangements that will create a calm, stable learning environment, which minimises movement between lessons and staff. Evidence from our Multi Academy Trust tells us that young people with SEMH needs succeed best when supported by a small group of consistent staff that they can trust.

  1. Contact details

Springboard Project

Phoenix Street



Telephone: 0161 883 3250

Email: info@springboardproject.org

Mrs Lucy Shannon, the Administrator at the Springboard Project, will be happy to answer any queries you may have and refer you to the appropriate member of staff.

Head of School: Mrs Alison Tootill

CEO : Mr Graham Quinn

Chair of Governors: Councillor Steve Williams, address c/o Springboard Project

Owner: New Bridge Multi Academy Trust, Roman Road, Hollinwood, Oldham OL8 3PH

Telephone: 0161 883 2401

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Equality Impact Scheme

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Pupil Premium Report 2018/2019

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Equality Impact Objectives

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Springboard Project
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