The Springboard Project

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Values and Ethos

Our vision for the Springboard Project is to create an aspirational and sustainable continuum of provision for pupils and students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs across Oldham, collaborating with existing mainstream schools, colleges, voluntary organisations, community partners and employers, local business and industry.

The specific brief of The Springboard Project is to provide high quality innovative alternative educational experiences for pupils and students with SEMH needs across the 14-19 age range.

Our aim is to ensure that learners at Key Stage 4 onwards, presently disengaged from local mainstream and resourced schools, will continue with their learning journey through a vibrant alternative offer. The provision will be linked to clear and aspirational adult outcomes, offering a continuing relationship with families until the young person reaches the age of 25.

The Springboard Project will work in partnership with pupils and students and their families to ensure a collaborative and consistent approach to their personal and social development and learning. We will offer a wide range of support services and training programmes which will include personalised support with communication and behaviour management strategies.

Our vision for The Springboard Project is driven by a moral imperative to inspire and support pupils and students with SEMH in achieving the most successful outcomes of which they are capable. It will encompass in detail:

  • a high quality, cutting edge alternative curriculum, presently unavailable
  • provision of support services to the families of its pupils and students and to other schools
  • high expectations of individuals linked to aspirational adult outcomes for all its pupils and students
  • an inclusive environment for pupils and students with and without statements/EHCPs
  • academy freedoms to ensure flexibility of provision

Young people attending the Springboard Project will experience a personalised approach to their learning. They will be taught by fully qualified specialist teachers, industry experts and support staff sensitive to their needs, providing a nurturing and stimulating environment.

The Springboard Project will provide 14-19 education based upon key elements of the national curriculum. Additionally, a focus on vocational pathways will ensure pupils and students engage with more appropriate learning activities. The small scale of the Springboard Project will ensure a familiarity between staff, pupils and students and their families.

The organisation of the provision will ensure personalised timetabling arrangements that will create a calm, stable learning environment, which minimises movement between lessons and staff. Evidence from our Multi Academy Trust tells us that young people with SEMH needs succeed best when supported by a small group of consistent staff that they can trust.