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Family Feedback

This week, we received some fantastic feedback from families about our offer.

One student’s parents were so complementary about Springboard, saying that they’ve…

“…noticed a big improvement since he’s been here.”

Apparently this student talks about what he’s been doing and is now talking about his future and what he needs to do to achieve his aspirations.

The student’s parents were so happy with the home/school communication and couldn’t believe that they get a weekly phone call.

They were used to only being contacted for negative reasons and used to dread seeing the school number on the phone.

Another student’s parents also said they’d…

“noticed a big difference…”

…in their child, since they started here.

We don’t do it for the feedback,but when it comes, it’s a lovely pat on the back to our excellent staff.

Well done to all involved, you know who you are, and congratuations to our students for settling and enjoying our offer too.

You are clearly a credit to your families.